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Custy is an IT company that designs, produces and implements software to automate business processes for insurance providers and other financial institutions. Today, most financial institutions are aware that their operational performance is critical. Custy helps your organisation concentrate precisely on those highly focused levels using IT and operations. Custy’s approach implies, cost consciousness, end-user centric, properly defined applicative and technical architectures, Straight Through Processes (STP), security and confidentiality.

  • Custy produces powerful softwares and associated services

Custy Life

A unique software for life policies and asset administration.

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Custy Corelo

CoReLo is designed as a fully integrated and highly automated system that manages insurance contracts

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Custy Factory

An innovative team of software engineers regularly challenged to find new solutions and think outside the box.

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Custy Mplement

A team that understands your needs, designs and implements your own solution based on reliable software.

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