Custy Bank

With CustyBank you can:

  • Operate a direct bank simply, efficiently and quickly.
  • Create banks with different product offerings, ranging from an online deposit bank to a private bank through wealth management and investment portfolios.
  • Reduce operating expenses and increase competitiveness through a high level of automation.
  • Dedicate additional resources and time to quality & compliance procedures.

This way your employees can focus on value-added services to customers!

CustyBank is core on line banking system including:

  • Current & savings accounts: Opening, closing, interest calculations, payments and transfers.
  • Term deposits: Subscriptions, automatic renewals, interest payments and due dates processing.
  • Securities accounts: Purchase & sales, corporate actions, custody account charges, real-time or periodical portfolio evaluations.
  • Portfolio re balancing: according to their defined asset allocation.
  • Management- Investment policies constraints.
  • Portfolio performance: Daily portfolio valuation including securities, cash contributions and withdrawals.
  • Management and statutory quarterly reports: for discretionary managed portfolios.
  • Payments: The payment system is based on a new concept which integrates all the latest standards such as the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) standard. All inbound and outbound payments are handled fully automatically, as well as the processing of declined payments (i.e. a non-existent account).

You can try our CustyBank software online!

Click here to register, you will be directed to the online registration form. This form is almost identical to the actual customer's form.
The data you submit may be fictitious. However please enter a name and surname, e-mail address, and mobile-phone number. These details will be necessary to establish your identity and authenticity on the website.
Once you have registered on the website, you will receive your identifiers via a secure e-mail and we will credit your account with a (fictitious!) first deposit so you can really perform transactions. You are welcome to check your wallet and statements on the website at any time.

We offer you two different banks:

  • The simplest model: an online bank with solely deposits offering a current account, a savings account, and transaction tools.
  • A more complex model: an online private bank, giving you access to an investment portfolio and a selection of securities listed on Euronext. If you choose to add a wealth management portfolio to your base portfolio, your money will be invested automatically following the asset allocation defined by our "managers" based on your profile. Periodically, your portfolio will be rebalanced to match your asset mix.

The objective of the CustyBank demo is to show you what a fully automated bank can offer