Custy Corelo

CoReLo is designed as a fully integrated and highly automated system that manages insurance contracts.

Corelo provides :

  • An intuitive web interface which will easily guide the users through the processes.
  • A portal interfaces which is developed for insurers or intermediaries.
  • Integrated back-office solution covering all processes from offers to liquidations including all financial aspects.
  • The benefice of a high level of configuration: multi-country, multi-company, multi-distribution, multi-risk, multi-currency and multi-language.

Corelo is the best platform to :

  • Reduce operating expenses and increase competitiveness through a high level of automation.
  • Operate an insurance company or pension fund - simply, efficiently and quickly.
  • Dedicate additional resources and time to quality & compliance procedures.
  • Implement your digital transformation.

Corelo delivers solutions that embrace the entire chain of tasks between company and customer. Using Corelo will allow your team to focus on value-added services to customers!

Policy Administration

  • Manages persons & roles.
  • Manages multi-policies subscription.
  • Allows all policy changes including claims and administrative changes.
  • Provides events history and easy navigation between related entities.
  • Manages versioning of policy modifications and their retroactivity.
  • Complete documentation management: from defining process documents which need to be produced to missing documents follow-up.
  • Templates definition for the creation of interactive mails.

Product Factory

  • Configures products, warranties, risk objects, tariffs, options, fees, commissions, taxes.
  • Configures promotions or discounts for a specific or recurring period.
  • Defines medical formalities per warranty.
  • Manages the validations at the subscription or modification of a contract.
  • Customizes validation messages (multi-language).
  • Manages third-parties (lenders, suppliers,..) and distribution network (brokers, producer accounts,..).

Custy Life Overview

Financial Administration

  • Manages all the operations tied to premium collection, payments made by policyholders, payments of benefits and payments of commissions. The system generates the detailed accounting book entries for each operation.
  • Reporting : Closing reports for companies (technical follow-up: premiums, reserves, endorsements and accounting follow-up: detailed and globalized entries).
  • Defines reminder levels for overdue payments.
  • Manages direct debits.
  • Manages the production of financial documents.

Calculation Engine

  • Actuarial calculations of benefits, premiums and reserves per layers by warranty.
  • Total premium is split into its components e.g. risks premium, surcharge premium, administration fee, commissions, taxes, etc.