Custy Life

CustyLife is designed as a fully integrated and highly automated system that manages assets and liabilities with dedicated funds and multi-support products.

CustyLife is the best platform to :

  • Operate an insurance company or pension fund - simply, efficiently and quickly.
  • Reinvent insurance companies and pension funds with different product offering.
  • Better support your brokers.
  • Reduce operating expenses and increase competitiveness through a high level of automation.
  • Dedicate additional resources and time to quality & compliance procedures.
  • implement your digital transformation.

This way your employees can focus on value-added services to customers!

Custy Policy Administration

  • Provides a single view for clients, brokers and internal services (policy management, audit, legal, accounting).
  • Implements complex life insurance products and advanced insurance techniques, (DAC spreads, shadow accounting...) integrating them properly into accounts.
  • Manages policy subscription and events including: Investment, switches, redemptions, fees (management, tracking, commissions...), life workflow and document management.
  • Manages the commission process (payment, calculation and definition).

Custy Unit Administration

  • Ensures the backup of assets and liabilities, saving reconciliation costs.
  • Reduces operational costs through globalization and netting of trades, automation of the buying and selling process from policies to counterparties and automation of the trades execution and matching process.
  • Manages the Company Box.

Custy Fund Services

  • Automates the NAV calculation and fund management process.
  • Automates links with asset managers.
  • Checks investment constraints on funds underlying assets.

Custy Life Overview

Accounting and Cash Management

Multi-gap, multi-currency, and multi-entity, CustyLife is fully configurable and manages what is called an auxiliary accounting or policy ledger, directly interfaced with the accounting tools of its customers.
The Cash Management module deals with cash transfers and cash reconciliation. This module is one of the workflow stakeholder that triggers the activation of premiums, or payment of surrenders.