Custy Mplement

Translating your plan into a promising operational system

The implementation refers to the process of guiding our client to effectively and efficiently using the designed software. Our highly experienced and motivated Project Managers will establish a detailed list of activities, costs, expected difficulties/risk analysis, gap analysis, schedules for delivery.

Being at the core of business process management and optimization, the project management is essential to achieve the objectives of the strategic plans and implies:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Process modeling
  • Scope Analysis
  • Customizations (teaming up with CustyFactory for specific developments)
  • Systems Integration & architecture
  • User Policies & Training

We also do this through established partnerships with best in class companies or individuals sharing our views and wishing to link knowledge and software to clients' benefit;

To serve our clients with intimacy, partners are strategic or technological, local or international, large or small organizations.

CustyMplement shares our business knowledge with you and implements our software so you can run your company ideally, address your demanding clients and outperform your competitors.