At custy, we are never as happy as when we see a smile of satisfaction on our employee’s faces.

At custy, we are never as happy as when we see a smile of satisfaction on our employee’s faces.

Working @ Custy

Our working environment is professional, friendly and has a human touch. We consider us as a large family.

It’s a place where we are all supposed to have fun and relations based on mutual respect, support and communication.

We want our workplace to be the best place to push all of us to thrive as we have all the same mojo: allowing the insurance industry to succeed in its transformation journey.

We’re a major player when it comes to insurance software, constantly looking for finding efficient solutions for our Customes. Our highly qualified teams always seek to deliver the highest quality services.

We foster diversity and inclusion as we believe that the diversity of our people contributes to shaping and enriching our culture through their words and actions. We strive to build a diverse and inclusive culture that embraces learning and fosters mutual trut. In other words, a culture where every employee can work at their best.

Why should you join Custy ?

We consider that the benefits and a nice workplace , are the standard of todays work environment that’s why we focus on the actual 7 Reasons to join us:

01 Respect:

We believe in a mutually respectful work environment. Integrity and honesty are key in every interaction with our candidates, staff, clients and partners.

02 Well Being:

We believe on the power of passion and having fun when working. We like to work hard, play hard and celebrate.

03 Have Fun:

We believe on the power of passion and having fun when working. We like to work hard, play hard and celebrate.

04 Team up:

We encourage team working as we know that the synergy between our team members brings more value than the simple addition of each contribution.

05 Challenges:

We provide you with interesting intellectual challenges to keep your brain at its highest level.

06 Strive for Excellence:

We are at the forefront of the insurance software industry.  Our business and technology specialists are continuously seeking to deliver highest quality solution and services to our Customers.

07 Explore,Innovate and share:

We promotes exploration to discover new business techniques, methods and technologies, we promote innovation to always place us at the forefront of elegant and efficient solutions to solve complex customers problems, we promote knowledge sharing to allow all our team members to benefit from other expertise.

Our team, and your future colleagues:


What I admire the most at Custy is that you are given a lot of opportunity to undertake challenges. At a first look, it seems difficult and finally things are possible due to the positive spirit and the willingness of the people that compose the Team.


Being at Custy allow me to work on a wide variety of interesting and challenging tasks. Every day at Custy is different and it’s never possible to get bored by the day to day.


What I like the most at Custy is the way people are genuinely good and full of the willingness to do a great job with enthusiasm.  A new experience in a welcoming and professional team.


Working at Custy allows me to evolve in a very professional and motivated team


What I particularly appreciate about Custy is the trust and autonomy that management gives to its employees. In addition, we are always encouraged to make suggestions for improvement.
Thanks to a strong team spirit, we know that we can count on each other and that we can build great things together.


Pourquoi j’aime travailler pour Custy France? Premièrement son envergure à taille humaine. Ensuite la fluidité de circulation de l’information entre les différents acteurs.

You are looking for an intense job experience: Apply now!

Since 1996, Custy has developed activities in Belgium & Luxemburg in high-end financial ICT technologies with a proven track record pf successes.  Life and non-life Insurance companies, underwriting agencies, Brokers, Asset managers, Pension funds and holdings are Custy company’s core business partners that we are committed to delivering best of breed software solutions and services.

Custy’s first key success factor relies on our team expertise and motivation! We are continuously looking for new members of our family by associating  people with a blend of some of the following talents:

Information Technology (IT)
  • Solution architecture
  • Engineering
  • .Net programming
  • Java programming
  • Web solution knowledge
  • Oracle database and tools
Insurance and Finance
  • Actuary science
  • Accounting
  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • Insurance operation
  • Product development
Soft, Project and Management Energetic
  • Energetic
  • Result driven
  • Budget driven
  • Solution minded
  • Service minded
  • Quality minded
  • Communicative
  • Team player
  • Accountable
  • French
  • English
  • Dutch as a +++
  • Any other language as a +

Having some of these skills is  a requisite but what we mostly value is your will integrate a team to learn and perform.  So, should you be a junior open to internal training and progression, an experienced solution architect, an insurance specialized Business analyst, an actuary, a client or policy officer, … we are interested in meeting you to !

We are looking forward knowing you better!


See our current job offers here or feel free to send us your spontaneous application following this link.