Custy CEL

The day to day of your clients is more en more digital. Custy CEL provide you with a full range of eServices dedicated to them.  Custy CEL is smartly interfaced with Custy Adhoc to rely on a powerful engine.


    Provide to your clients a digital experience labelled with your brand


    Provide to your clients simple and efficient interactions


    Reduce your operating expenses and increase competitiveness


    Ease the implementation of your digital transformation journey

    Custy CEL Capabilities

    Policy administration

    Provide your clients with the capability to follow up their contracts. Full consultative view on contracts, risk coverage, claims, premium, and accounting situation.

    Risk management

    Propose to your client to take in hand their own risks. Addition and removal of a car in a fleet, Insurance card management, real estate coverage changes, …

    Claim declaration

    Ease the claim declaration for your client. On line claim declaration and management including possibility to join any type of justificative (document, video, picture …)

    Document management

    Provide your client online with any document or certificate. Inform them of any missing one and ease the way they can complete the list.