Custy Corelo

Custy CORELO is the best platform to make your employees focus on value added services to customers by allowing Provident life insurance company or underwriting companies to


    Operate simply, efficiently and timely


    Reinvent the product offering taking into account single, multi and co-insurers capabilities


    Provide the brokers and distribution channel with outstanding service level


    Reduce operating expenses and increase competitiveness

    Dedicate additional resources and time to quality & compliance procedures

    Ease the implementation of your digital transformation journey

    The skin revolution

    The cornerstone of Custy CORELO architecture is that it allows, through a client’s dedicated layer (Client Skin), to be extensible and to derogate from the behavior of the standard package. This without affecting the standard code. This customization characteristics allow the application to evolve easily with the needs of the companies (definition of new products, modification of the rules of a plan, management of new exceptions or adaptation to new legislation) and to ease all the necessary changes. The Custy CORELO Framework has been designed isolate drastically ‘Intangible’ data and behaviour,( i.e., independent of legislation, the Company, products, etc.) that are part of the framework from ‘Specific’ aspects (i.e., data, formulas, numbering, screens, documents, reports, ..) that are client specific.



    Web services and API administration to allow in and out easy connectivity with other internal of external softwares


    Encrypted communication and security layers to protect your data from potential intrusion

    User Management

    User descriptive, privileges and access rights  administration to ensure necessary and necessary only access to capabilities and data. Allows broker network to self manage their users

    Transactional Monitor

    Transactions queuing, scheduling and monitoring to guaranties full control on operation management and easy recovery in case of error


    Help, faq,  work instruction and training organiser to centralise all procedural material to help any type of end user to masteries the software.

    Transversal capabilities

    Events Management

    Fully configurable policy events configuration and declaration.
    Central tool to always be on top of whatever is the type of event influencing the contract (subscription, amendment, claim, …).

    Underwriting management

    Configurable underwriting rules to list all the needed documents for a specific context. Automated document follow up and reminder to ensure your files are always up to date.

    Documents & Reporting Management

    Fully integrated EDM including template management and multi document (pdf, word, excel, audio, video …) to archive, consult and manage all the documents needed for your activity.

    Workflow and tasks Management

    Workflow customisation tool  ensuring flexibility on steps and validation rules to help you to fit to your operational rules and constraints.


    Embedded e Signature capabilities to allow any stakeholder to digitally sign the necessary documents

    Relashionship Management

    Efficient CRM capabilities to ensure proper follow up of client and partner  relationship.  Contact management, history and follow up of client contact, task related management, complaint management, seisin management

    Configuration tools

    Product Workshop

    Configurable product definition to ensure product definition is as easy as a one click operation.

    Organisation Workshop

    Configurable internal organisation structure without limits in terms of level and structuration to provide you with any necessary possibility to define your operation model.

    Distribution Workshop

    Configurable distribution network  without limits in terms of level and structuration to provide you with any necessary possibility to define your distribution structure.

    Accounting Workshop

    Configurable technical and general accounting rules to ensure your cash management is in line with any gaap you must be complient with.


    Accounting Configuration

    Cash transfers and cash reconciliation management module that continuously ensure your cash is controlled in a timely manner. This module is also interfaced with workflows to trigger, for example, the activation of an incoming premium, or the payment of a surrenders amount.

    Auxiliary Accounting

    Fully configurable technical auxiliary accounting (Policy/ Client/Partner ledger) to ensure proper technical bookkeeping.

    Receipt Management

    Receipt generation, adjustment, relaunch or retrocession management to ease the cash management.
    This is available in direct or trusted mode.
    Receipt generation.
    SEPA emission and rejection
    Bank and online payment management.
    Payment follow up.
    Reminder and Formal notice

    Offer and Policy Administration

    Stakeholders Management

    Role based management for any type of stakeholder linked to the company. Clients and prospects, distributors, partners, lawyers, Notary, Insurance company,  any type of third party  involved in the life of the policy are managed  to provide unicity of a Client  and a Single 360 view of its activities.

    Distribution Network Impact Management

    For any type of policy event, necessary taxes, fees or commissions are calculated and properly booked to ensure proper details of every financials are available in the system.

    Policy Management

    Offer, proposal, policy subscription and amendment  including clause risk type and risk descriptive to describe management rules for all type of provident life risks. Retroactive full automated modification. Premium, commissions, taxes and reserve calculation.

    Claims administration

    Claims configuration

    Configurable claim workflow to define the best process to follow depending on the claim type.

    Claim management

    Automated claim workflow and rules to allow efficient procedural claim management. Multi contract/coverage
    Global process. One Claim, all impacted coverage. Complex beneficiary structure management. Exhaustive claim linked stackeholders management.

    Claims statistics

    Integrated flexible Claims/premium ratio calculation per contract, group of contract, client, … to guaranty you always have a detailed view on your profitability.

    Claims Preservation

    Annual deductible management to allow a simple and transparent view of company budget management.

    Externalisation modules

    Web API’s

    Published standard APIs to allow an authorized external party to benefit from CORELO capabilities in its own system.

    Public Portal

    Public dedicated Portal allowing prospects to view simulate and compare products that you are selling.

    Client Portal

    Final Client dedicated portal providing a 360 view of its relationship with the company. Contract, claim, documents, contact, … at a glance. The portal also allows the final Client to initiate several actions and to digitally sign when necessary.


    Broker and other distributors dedicated portal to ensure the service you are providing to them is an actual differentiator. Distributors have a 360 management of their business.  This includes, on top of consultative and transactional features,  smart dashboarding and KPI follow up to drive their business activity


    Insurers Partner dedicated Portal allowing them to follow up the activity they have with you acting as an underwriting agency.