The BURRUS family enters the capital of CUSTY

Sep 9, 2021

August 13th, 2018 – The BURRUS family now participates in the capital of CUSTY up to 66%. BURRUS combines strategy and investment by joining an experienced partner that is part of the group’s policy of developing its third-party financial services business. An investment that will allow CUSTY to accelerate its growth on the European level.

BURRUS, a strong group, adopts CUSTY’s software solutions and extends its business by providing services on behalf of third parties.

The BURRUS Group is a family-owned financial group with more than 1,300 people working in insurance, insurance brokerage and financial management. It is a solid financial group with long-term positive results that recognizes the expertise and innovative nature of CUSTY’s software solutions, as well as the concern for cost-effectiveness for their clients. The rise of the BURRUS Family Group in the capital of CUSTY is part of its strategy of developing its service business for third parties in the field of life insurance and savings while providing added value to partners and customers with whom CUSTY has developed strong and reliable relationships over the years.

CUSTY strengthens its technology and increases its growth capacity in Europe

Already present in Belgium and Luxembourg, CUSTY is an engineering company at the service of finance that develops and implements creative IT solutions in the fields of life insurance, savings and wealth management. The BURRUS Group, a new reference shareholder, becomes its first adopter and intends to support the evolution of CUSTY by strengthening its R&D budgets. By offering the support of BURRUS Group Technologies, it will allow CUSTY to position itself as an ally of choice for companies seeking innovative technological solutions and will offer its solutions CustyLife and CustyBank to third parties in the form of software as a service or as Business Process Outsourcing throughout Europe.

This transaction marks a milestone in the history of CUSTY. The acquisition of CUSTY by the BURRUS Family Group will give this enterprise a new breath and bring significant benefits and opportunities to its customers, partners and employees.